Technology Solutions
Technology Solutions provided by our PSA licensed outside contractor

Security Installations:

Secure Management Solutions Ltd can assist in the installation and maintenance of all domestic commercial electronic security equipment. Whether securing a business from burglary, or malicious damage, Secure Management Solutions Limited can help. Secure Management Solutions provide obligation free quotes and can advise on all aspects of alarms and electronic security systems. All work is carried out by our PSA licensed outside contractors.


For your peace of mind - our highly trained PSA licensed outside contractors service technicians provide 24 hour service and we can arrange and configure security monitoring when your business is un-attended.

We can offer experience advice on the monitoring of:

  • Close Circuit Security Cameras
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Lone Worker Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking


Using the latest satellite tracking technology and GPS tracking software, Secure Management Solutions can monitor lone worker and vehicle tracking systems. Via our partner central monitoring and control centre, we can monitor people and vehicles travelling throughout Ireland and Europe through the Secure Track network of our European partners from the Russian Federation in the East, to Ireland in the West, Norway in the North, and Spain in the South of Europe.

The exact location of any person or vehicle can be obtained by the click of a button, such is the highly targeted nature of our GPS tracking and vehicle tracking technology.

This can be monitored continuously, or by exception alarm, in emergency situations. At Secure Management Solutions we use the leading vehicle tracking systems available on the market today.

High Value Good Escort Services

Secure Management Solutions operates specialised vehicle tracking systems using the latest satellite technology. This vehicle tracking service is ideal for customers who transport high risk goods. Through our partner central monitoring and control centre, we can monitor your vehicles travelling throughout Ireland and Europe as Irish partners of Secure Track.

Our partners provide GPS vehicle tracking service can also include specialist anti-hijack systems including live monitoring of CCTV cameras, depending on the needs of our clients. We have found that for companies transporting high value and /or high risk cargo, this additional add-on to our GPS vehicle tracking service, can give greater peace of mind to our clients.

Satellite Tracking Services for Lone Workers and Personnel

Secure Management Solutions can offer a range of lone worker satellite tracking systems and mobile Apps using satellite technology and assisted GPS. This service is ideal for customers who require personal security, or have lone workers who need to be monitored while on their own. Through our partner central monitoring and control centre, we can monitor in both Ireland and Europe as we are the Irish partners of the Secure Track network. The exact location of any person can be obtained instantly and be communicated with, to ascertain their status.

Audits and Assessments

Health and Safety Audits:

Secure Management Solutions can provide you with real insight into where your company stands on health and safety or checking whether your management systems are working.

Our qualified personnel can carry out high quality audits and inspections and give in-depth, independent perspective, or some added experience if you’re facing new or unusual risks your own team may not have the experience to deal with.

Just a few of the health and safety and risk management audits we carry out for our clients across Ireland include:

Baseline audits to identify your risk profile
Detailed audits for benchmarking or verification
Legal compliance gap analysis
Industry specific standards compliance audits
ISOH pre-certification audit
Site inspections

Each audit is discussed in detail so that we understand exactly what you want to learn. After carrying out a comprehensive and fully confidential audit we provide a full report and a prioritised action plan to get you moving everything in the right direction.

Get expert services and advice on the most crucial audits, risk assessments and site inspections from our experienced health and safety consultants.

Site Risk Assessment Audit and Analysis:

Secure Management Solutions Ltd deliver best appropriate security practices and technologies to the private and public sectors to achieve sustainable security. Secure Management Solutions Ltd also works with alliance partners and specialist sub-consultants to deliver the most effective team.

Secure Management Solutions security consulting services cover:

Security management:

  • Security risk management
  • Emergency planning
  • Disaster planning/management
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Security management benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Contingency planning and emergency response
  • Security due diligence
  • Natural hazard and disaster planning
  • Site specific security risk assessments and auditing
  • Corporate governance of security

Security technology:

  • Integrated security design services (including architectural and physical design)
  • Design of Domestic and Commercial security alarm systems
  • Design of electronic and physical access control systems
  • Design of CCTV systems
  • Design of security barriers
  • Project management
  • Management of security maintenance contracts
  • Security system audit, review and assessment

Physical Infrastructure security:

  • Site master planning for security
  • Architectural design for security
  • Design and documentation of high-security facilities
  • Critical asset identification
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Facility hardening
  • Crime prevention
  • Project management

Secure Management Solutions (SMS) is a security company with headquarters at Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24. SMS provides professional manned guarding services, security audits and technology based surveillance solutions to Corporate, Commercial and Government organizations.

Liam Harrington is a director of the company. SMS utilise a variety of different products and services from Mobil-i. Liam says “All of their vehicles have tracking so they can be located at any point in time. Due to the nature of the work we do we needed a reliable system. This is particularly important as the company provides security escorts to high value loads throughout Europe.” The live tracking feature allows their control centre to know exactly where their mobile units are at all times.

SMS also provide security guards, both mobile patrols and static guards, and these team members carry portable tracking units which incorporate panic buttons. “Keeping our team safe is paramount” says Liam “The personal trackers allow us to monitor our guards and give them an added sense of security”.

The company also uses live cameras supplied by Mobil-i on their vehicles, these can be particularly useful to provide evidence against criminal activity. Recordings from the camera are very useful for staff to be able to refer back to. They give them extra detail after a break in to provide additional information back to SMS’s clients. 

The cameras also act as a deterrent. When people know they are being filmed it makes them less likely to do something foolish. The camera footage is also useful for training purposes, so new staff can experience the types of live incidents they are likely to encounter.

As SMS grows their business throughout Ireland, Mobil-i look forward to supporting them further with the latest tracking technology.