Mobile Services

Freight Security Escorts and Covert Vehicle Escorts:

Secure Management Solutions are currently engaged by large logistical organisations to provide their high value transports with covert vehicle escorts, our vehicles are fitted with the following technologies:

CCTV systems (Front & Rear IP based system)

GPS Tracking to an approved monitoring station

Vehicle Panic Alarms

SMS Limited will conduct a risk analysis of several routes as required by the client, based on the type of cargo, type of transport unit (ridged, trailer, van etc.) and will produce a risk assessment and recommendations for the client. This service is unique and an extensive knowledge is needed to execute the service to the highest levels of professionalism and effectiveness. A covert vehicle will follow the transport from a discreet distance; the EV will be recording the entire journey onto the built-in DVR within the EV. In the event of an incident, the panic alarm is pressed which opens the CCTV system in the monitoring centre where they controllers have full visual of the events and these events are recorded in the control rooms DVRS.

Clients will then receive a full report of the journey and any issues such as failure to follow procedures by the transport driver, unscheduled stops, or poor driving performance is highlighted, not to mention all relevant footage in the event of a hijack or attack on the transport company’s vehicle and property.

Mobile Patrol & Response:

In today’s fast moving world it can be hard sometimes to ensure that your property has the required level of security it needs. SMS Mobile, a division of SMS Limited, provides out of hours mobile patrol and alarm response to your premises. We cater for both commercial and domestic clients and will respond to your premises in the event of alarm activations. This is a very cost effective way of providing security to your premises and the knowledge that your premises are being checked routinely provides great peace of mind. Alarm response also means that neither you nor your staff are put at risk in the event of an alarm activation or break in to your premises.

Key Holding

At Secure Management Solutions we can provide Irish homes and businesses with quality alarm response security services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with 24-hour alarm response year-round and fast response times. Our uniformed officers have received the best training in the industry and are fully licensed and insured, so your premises will always be monitored by highly skilled experts.

When an alarm has been activated, we immediately dispatch alarm response professionals to thoroughly examine your home, business or facility and determine whether there is an actual fire or security breach. If an actual threat is identified we will then immediately notify the Gardai or Fire service and remain on-site to ensure that your premises is completely safe and secure. In the case of a false alarm, our security professionals will first perform an interior and exterior inspection of your facility, checking all exterior doors and windows for security breaches and property damage before shutting off and resetting the alarm. Our alarm response security services ensure that your place of business will always be safe and secure.