Partnerships and Collaboration
More Security - More Service - More Versatility

A partnership between TEC Security & Secure Management Solution (SMS)

TEC security providing SMS professional uniformed security officers when needed.

  • Well trained Officers, competent and professional
  • A visual deterrent to potential thieves or intruders
  • Support for your team on the ground keeping you safe
  • Event security service that protects guests and staff
  • Discreet, effective, fully licensed and insured
  • Security expertise on your premises when you need them
  • Entry control, building security, guests screening, vehicle access
  • Mobile patrol for additional security presence
Secure Management Solutions (SMS) is a security company with headquarters at Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24. SMS provides professional manned guarding services, security audits and technology based surveillance solutions to Corporate, Commercial and Government organizations.

Liam Harrington is the COO of the company. SMS utilise a variety of different products and services from Mobil-i. Liam says “All of their vehicles have tracking so they can be located at any point in time. Due to the nature of the work we do we needed a reliable system. This is particularly important as the company provides security escorts to high value loads throughout Europe.” The live tracking feature allows their control centre to know exactly where their mobile units are at all times.

SMS also provides security guards, both mobile patrols and static guards, and these team members carry portable tracking units which incorporate panic buttons. “Keeping our team safe is paramount”, says Liam “The personal trackers allow us to monitor our guards and give them an added sense of security”.

The company also uses live cameras supplied by Mobil-i on their vehicles, these can be particularly useful to provide evidence against criminal activity. Recordings from the camera are very useful for staff to be able to refer back to. They give them extra detail after a break in to provide additional information back to SMS’s clients.

The cameras also act as a deterrent. When people know they are being filmed it makes them less likely to do something stupid. The camera footage is also useful for training purposes, so new staff can experience the types of live incidents they are likely to encounter.

As SMS grows their business throughout Ireland, Mobil-i look forward to supporting them further with the latest tracking technology.